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Ninja Burger's Menu

Ninja Burger is devoted to customer service, quality food and quick delivery. We hope you will enjoy ordering from us. Because if you are not happy then we will have to discuss with you why you are not happy. And then you will probably not be happy either. If you catch our drift.

Ohashi and napkins (serviettes) are included free of charge with every order, and wasabi is included with every order as well. A minimum of $10 (¥1,225) must be spent with every order or we will mock you. For extra Wasabi with your order, add $.50 (¥61). Please keep in mind that a nominal delivery charge will be applied based on your delivery location.

Finally, no, we do NOT serve fortune cookie with food. Fortune cookie is Chinese. Ninja Burger is Japanese. Stupid Gaijin.*

1. Ninja Burger Our specialty. Two soy-meat patties hand-broiled in the traditions of our ancestors, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and Kung-Fu Grip! All inside a roll. Wasabi sauce extra.
$3.50 (¥429)
2. Double Ninja Burger Four soy-meat patties cooked over an open flame fueled by the bones of our enemies, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and Kung-Fu Grip. All inside a roll. Wasabi sauce extra.
$5.50 (¥674)
3. Junior Ninja Burger A single soy-meat patty with special sauce, cheese, pickles and onions (no lettuce or Kung-Fu Grip), inside a roll. Wasabi sauce extra.
$2.00 (¥245)
4. Samurai Chicken Sandwich Get it? Samurai chicken? Hahahahahahaha. Erk. Does not contain real Samurai (stupid FDA regulations), but does contain a spicy coating, lettuce, tomato and wasabi sauce.
$3.50 (¥429)
5. French Fries of Our Ancestors Crispy french fries cooked in a secret Ninja Burger style, sprinkled with a secret selection of spices.
$2.50 (¥306)
6. Onion Death Blossom Specially requested by our Ninja friends Down Under. Sliced by katana and deep-fried. It's ninjariffic!
$5.50 (¥674)
7. Large Cola What were you expecting? Sake? We do not offer sake. When we offer sake, old gaijin lady, spill hot sake on her lap. Sue Ninja Burger for million yen. You will drink cola! Cola is good enough for Ninja, and it is good enough for you too.
$1.50 (¥184)
8. Ninja Burger Combo #1 Ninja Burger, French Fries of Our Ancestors, and Large Cola. Do not ask for better perfection because there is none, also we would kill you for asking. Enjoy!
9. Ninja Burger Combo #2 Double Ninja Burger, French Fries of Our Ancestors, and Large Cola. Meal made for a sumo, or a large ninja!
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*Tokui Anaguma-san writes, "...the fortune cookie is actually Japanese/American in origin... invented by Makato Hagiwara in San Francisco around the turn of the last century." Which is true. But Ninja Burger is modern, and modern fortune cookie is Chinese. Sort of.

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