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Ninja Burger RPG Occupation Quiz

The Ninja Burger Role-Playing Game divides the world of Ninja Burger up into six occupations, each with its own particular strengths and weaknesses. Now you can determine the best occupational path to suit your own personal quirks right here on the Ninja Burger website.

Answer the following questions and our patented Ninja Burger Ninja-match-o-matic system will place you with the best Ninja Occupation for your particular skills. Be sure to answer all the questions to ensure an accurate assessment. Miss a question and you will be dishonored!

1. What Is Your Name? (Ninja Name acceptable)
2. What Is Your Favorite Color?
3. What Is Your Primary Objective?
Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less
Follow orders, unquestionably, and see that the others do too
Prepare hot and delicious food for our customers
Get the team to the delivery location on time (and alive)
Make sure everyone knows where they're going
Watch out for everyone else while they do their thing
4. What Did You Do Before This Job?
Professional Chef
Can't say, but it involved brown shorts
911 Dispatcher
Drove a taxi cab
Forest ranger
Worked in another fast food joint
Delivered pizza
Late night radio DJ
Drove a school bus
Professional computer gamer
5. Who Is Your Biggest Role-Model?
Ashida Kim
Chris Farley
Dave Thomas
Hattori Hanzo
Masaaki Hatsumi
Michael Dudikoff
Iron Chef Japanese Morimoto Masaharu
Richard Petty
Ronald McDonald
Mack Bolan
Stephen Hayes
Thomas Arashikage
6. What Is Your Favorite Animal?
7. What Is Your Best Combat Skill?
Bojutsu (Staff/club fighting)
Kayakujutsu (Use of gunpowder)
Kendo / Ninja Ken (Swordsmanship)
Kusarigama (Sickle and chain fighting)
Naginata (Halberd/axe fighting)
Shurikenjutsu (Blade/shuriken throwing)
Suiren (Swimming techniques)
Taijutsu (Unarmed Combat)
Yari (Spear fighting)
All of the Above
I Can't Reveal My Secrets
8. What Is Your Best Non-Combat Skill?
Bajutsu (Horsemanship)
Bo Ryaku (Strategies)
Chimon (Geography)
Choho (Espionage)
Hensojutsu (Disguise)
Itonjutsu (Lying Low)
Kyojitsu Tenkan Ho (Philosophy)
Makudonorudo (Fast Food)
Seishin Teki Kyoyo (Spiritual refinement)
Shinobi Iri (Infiltration)
Suiren (Swimming techniques)
Tenmon (Meteorology)
All of the Above
I Can't Reveal My Secrets
9. What's The Best Part About Being A Ninja?
Being all sneaky and stuff
Get to play with sharp objects
Cool weapons
Free Employee Meals
Laws? Rules? What are those?
Ninja Magic
10. What's The Worst Part About Being A Ninja?
Can't tell mom what you do for a living
Everyone is trying to kill you
Go to bank to deposit paycheck, everyone thinks I'm robbing the place
Having to commit seppuku if I fail
Ninja-to and shuriken not allowed as carry-on baggage any more
Nothing gets ketchup out of black clothing

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