Samurai Burger's Awful Menu

Samurai Burgers taste like Shih-tzu!

Samurai Burger is devoted to poisoning customers service, low quality food and quick delivery death to all customers. They We hope you will die! enjoy ordering from us. Because if you die are not happy then we will have to discuss with you why you are not they will be happy. And then you will probably not be happy either. If you catch our drift. Samurai Burger is evil! Here is proof!
1. Cat Burger
2. Regular Weiner Dog
3. Jumbo Weiner Dog
4. Ferret (With Dipping Sauce)
5. Cup-o-Gerbil
6. Pint-o-Kitty
7. Puppy Burger
8. Moo Shu Bunny
9. Kitten Stew
10. Deep-Fried Puppies

Samurai Burger uses only fresh pets from Pets or